Episode 1: New Beginnings

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Hello I’m Gledders, or that is what people call me.

This episode goes back to the first paranormal show I was able to present on radio. Steve is an old friend of mine and we have often talked paranormal, conspiracies etc. So when I talked myself into doing a podcast on the subject it was only fitting that I invite him along.

This episode covers a number of topics and is a real learning curve for me as host, editor and producer. I am a radio presenter normally and this is so different, but great fun.

On this episode you hear the following people: Me, Simon BB, Jamie Stocker, Becky Edgley-Cooper, Roland Turner, Dave Currie and Steve Freestone.

This first episode wouldn’t have been possible without help and inspiration: Howard Hughes, Art Bell, Heather Wade, the gang at Astonishing Legends, Roland Turner and Tiffany Branscombe-Levy.

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